Kettle Cookery

Kettle Cookery

Kettle cookery is an exciting culinary skill that is simple to master and that can have you producing simple food in less time than it would take to produce it by traditional means. It is perfect for students who will usually have a kettle in their room but who may have to walk some distance to reach the nearest cooking equipment. Why get out of bed, when you can make the food in your kettle?

  Part I: The Egg
  The Egg
  Hot Dog Sausages
  Everything Else

You Need

A Kettle
Netting (e.g. Orange/Tangerine Netting)
A Medium Sized Egg

What To Do

Egg in Net

1. Put the egg into the netting.

Open Kettle

2. Fill the kettle with water and boil it.

Egg in Kettle

3. Dip the egg into the boiling water so it is completely submerged.

Boiling an Egg

4. Put the lid on the kettle. Keep turning the kettle on every 30 seconds to one minute to keep the water boiling. Leave the egg in the kettle for the required amount of time (see table below).

5 minutes Soft boiled
10 minutes Hard boiled
20 minutes Egg will explode!
Kettle boiling times for a medium egg

5. Remove the egg from the kettle and eat it :)

Cooking eggs in your kettle will tend to work best with medium sized eggs. You can do large eggs, but they must have a thick shell otherwise they will explode in the kettle.

  Part II: Pasta

Use the same method as for the egg, but boil the pasta for 10-12 minutes.

  Part III: Hot Dog Sausages

As for the egg, but boil for about 10 minutes.

  Part IV: Everything Else

By now you may have noticed a patern emerging. You can do pretty much any food in your kettle that you would usually boil in a pan. The important thing to remember is that you must use a netting bag or the food may get jammed in the element. Finally, never do anything like baked beans, the sauce will cover the element and you will never get it clean.

Have fun, and take care with those kettles!