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Fish eating my feet (photos and video)!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

In Nagasaki I got a chance to have my feet eaten by fish! It isn’t as gory as it sounds, these are special fish that just eat the dead skin cells off your feet. They are known as doctor fish or nibble fish.

fish eating my feet in japan 2

It all happened in the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki prefecture. There was a doctor fish foot spa there. It cost ¥800 for 10 minutes and seemed worth a go. First you have to wash your feet using a basin at the front. Then you get taken to the fish tanks.

In the first tank were lots of small black fish swimming around. You carefully put your feet in (being careful not to hit the fish), and then the fish start nibbling at your toes and feet. With these fish the sensation was a bit ticklish. Certainly not painful and you wouldn’t know that they were actually nibbling you.

After a few minutes the man running the foot spa decided I was ready for something stronger. He took me to another tank, this one containing bigger yellow and blue fish (you can see them in the video above). I lowered my feet in again and this time instead of a tickling sensation it felt like being poked with little pins. It didn’t hurt, but was a very different feeling from the first tank.

After my 10 minutes was up I was given a small towel to dry my feet and then I was sent on my way.

In the evening I had a look at my feet. They definitely felt softer and had less hard skin on than before. 10 minutes wasn’t enough to remove all the hard skin but it did make a difference.

fish eating my feet in japan 3

Sakurajima Volcano Kagoshima

Monday, September 13th, 2010

If you have a few days in Kagoshima then spending one in Kagoshima city, and one visiting Sakurajima Volcano makes a good itinerary. The volcano is still active, and on some days sends smoke over Kagoshima.

kagoshima japan 7

To get there take the Sakurajima Ferry. This leaves from Kagoshima Port ever 10-15 minutes for most of the day, and ever 30-60 minutes outside of peak hours. The journey to Sakurajima Port is only 15 minutes. For adults the ferry fee is ¥150 and ¥80 for children and you pay when you reach Sakurajima.

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 1

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 2

Some of Sakurajima’s sites are located in easy walking distance of the port, but for others (especially the various view points) you’ll either need your own car, or to take the sightseeing bus. There is one bus in the morning and one in the afternoon at 9:40am and 14:20pm departing from Sakurajima Port. The trip lasts two and a quarter hours. The tickets are ¥1700 for adults and ¥850 for children. This was correct as of August 2010, make sure you check the departure times, and cost before you go!

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 3

On the bus there is a guide who gives commentary, but all in Japanese. Fortunately if you can read English there is a translated text version of the talking. The guide will tell you which bit he/she is up to at regular intervals.

As the bus takes you round you can see the volcano from various angles. One of the stops is at the Yunohira Observation Point from where you can see the effect the volcano has had on the landscape.

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 4

There are two buried Torii gates along the way. Here is one of them that we stopped by.

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 5

There are plenty of volcanic rocks formed from past lava flows along the way. Here are some examples.

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 6

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 7

The bus then drops you back at the ferry port. If you want to nearby visitor centre make sure you plan it in as it closes early (I think 5pm). Between the visitor centre and the sea if the Yogan Nagisa Park Foot Spa. From here you can soak your feet in fresh natural hot spring water. It is free and you can get a good view of the bay while you relax.

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 8

sakurajima volcano kagoshima 9

There are other attractions on the island if you have more time such as the Sakurajima Dinosaur Park and several hot springs.