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Seto Inland Sea sunset photos

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Whilst living in Takamatsu, Kagawa I had the opportunity to observe the Seto Inland Sea sunset many times. Here is a small selection of my photos. This first one was taken from the Naoshima to Takamatsu ferry.

seto inland sea sunset 1

The Seto Inland Sea is always busy with passenger ferries taking people between the islands. There are many interesting islands to visit near Takamatsu, I visited some of them as part of the Setouchi International Art Festival.

seto inland sea sunset 2

Most of the photos are taken from the Takamatsu harbour area near to the Sunport Centre and red lighthouse. But the next two are taken from Naoshima Island.

seto inland sea sunset 3

Here is the ferry arriving to take me from Naoshima to Takamatsu.

seto inland sea sunset 4

All the colours are natural; I didn’t use any filters, or software to change them. They were taken using my cheap compact camera that I’ve had for many years.

seto inland sea sunset 5

seto inland sea sunset 6

These were taken during the Summer/Autumn seasons of 2009 and 2010 which is why everyone is in short sleeves!

seto inland sea sunset 7

seto inland sea sunset 8

Many people came to the red lighthouse pier with much more expensive camera equipment than I did.

seto inland sea sunset 9

And finally a sequence of the Sun disappearing behind the Seto Inland Sea.

seto inland sea sunset 10

Megijima Island Takamatsu

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Megijima Island is a small island visible from the Sunport harbour area of Takamatsu. It is just 4km away, has an area of 2.66km and a population of about 200 people. The island is also known as ‘Monster’s Island’ or ‘Devil’s Island’!

megijima island kagawa 02

There is a legend that the mythical character Momotaro made an appearance on the island many years ago. This conveniently has allowed the people of Megijima to create a monster themed tourist attraction in its caves!

To get there you’ll need to take the ferry from Takamatsu harbour. The ferry is every hour or two from 8am until 19:15pm and takes just 20 minutes to get there.

megijima island kagawa 01

Once on Megijima it became clear that we hadn’t done our research because we didn’t have a clue where to go, and there were no signs in English. But somehow we ended up paying money to a man, and got into his people carrier car with another Japanese family. He was going to take us up to the caves and back.

We drove up the hill, and when we reached the caves had to buy entry tickets from a ticket machine there. The man then took us all into the caves.

megijima island kagawa 03

He proceeded to give us a tour of the caves – all in Japanese. The Japanese family were able to understand it, but we weren’t. I’m sure he was explaining about the legend and the monsters. Inside the cave are many plastic model monsters in various poses.

megijima island kagawa 04

Some of them I recognised from elsewhere around Kagawa.

megijima island kagawa 05

megijima island kagawa 06

In total I think we spent about 15-20 minutes in the caves taking photos of the monsters.

megijima island kagawa 07

Once out he took us on a short walk up to Washigamine Summit which has a 360 degree viewing platform. From there you can see the Seto Inland Sea, Takamatsu, and many of the other Seto Sea islands.

megijima island kagawa 08

megijima island kagawa 09

He then drove us back down the hill, and we stopped off at the coast, where we could get another view of the Seto Inland sea.

megijima island kagawa 10

We could also see the next boat which we were hoping to get! Just in time we all got back inside the car and he drove us back to the port. If it had been a warmer day we could have spent a few hours walking around the island (the coastline is only 8.9km). But it was cold, so we got onto this ferry and headed back to Takamatsu. From Megijima there are ferries going to both Takamatsu and Ogijima so make sure you get the right one.