2023 staff holiday planner free download

We are midway through 2022, but some forward thinking people might already be planning their 2023 holidays. Here is an updated spreadsheet to manage staff holidays, training, sickness, and other leaves.

As well as tracking employee holidays you could use it for other kinds of tracking. It could also be used for tracking attendance at a club that you run, tracking your own family’s holidays, or maybe even tracking diet and exercise. You can customise any parts of it to fit your purpose.

This spreadsheet is initially set up as a staff holiday tracker with a list of staff on the left, and the days of the year across the top. I’ve coloured the weekends and months to make the tracker easy to navigate. The left and top pane are frozen so they are always visible on screen.

Staff holiday planning spreadsheet
Spreadsheet for tracking staff holidays, training, offsite days and other absences.

There are some built in formulas for calculating the holidays – if you paste ‘Holiday’ into a cell then the remaining holidays will reduce by 1, and if you paste in ‘Half’ then the remaining holidays will reduce by a 0.5. You can easily modify these formulas to fit your own purposes – if you do change them just make sure you have the ranges set correctly to track the full year.

I find the calendar easiest to use if you copy/paste the category names from the top left, this gives you some nice colouring to make it easy to differentiate the different types of leave.

Week numbers are also included according to ISO 8601.

Here is the download link for the Excel spreadsheet. It should work in any version of Excel, apart from some really old versions which don’t support enough columns to fit in the full year.

If you don’t have Excel you can use the free LibreOffice to work with this file.

If you need the previous 2022 staff holiday planner you’ll find it on our 2022 staff holiday calendar – free excel spreadsheet page.

Update: 19/10/22 – re-uploaded as an xlsx instead of an xls so all columns are present. If you load this into Microsoft Excel and get an alert about a problem with the content, select the option to recover the workbook. There is some issue with saving from LibreOffice, and re-loading into Microsoft Office which I haven’t figured out yet.

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