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What is this site all about?

reviewmylife is a mixture of posts about my holidays, things that has happened to me, and technical or computing things that I’m interested in. It has many different themes, rather than trying to concentrate on one.

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What is your commenting policy?

I love getting comments, so please comment on any post you want!

Comments are usually accepted as-is within 24 hours. Unless they are spam or offensive. If there is any swearing or objectionable material in a comment, then I reserve the right to edit it before approving (if I approve it). Links are ‘nofollowed’, but I’ve nothing against your comment having a link in the URL field as long as the comment is relevant.

Are you able to review something for our company?

Maybe. If it is something I’d use myself and and you can send it to me for free. I’ve previously reviewed items such as the i-gotU GT 600 GPS, MacBook Pro 13 inch, Samsung N140 and the Sony Cyber-shot W80 camera.

Send me a message via my contact form and I’ll get back to you.

Where is your privacy policy?

Here is a link to the privacy policy.

How can I get in contact with you?

If you want to say something relating to a specific post use the comment box under each post. If you want to send a private email use the contact form. There is a link at the bottom of each page.

Do you have a Twitter or YouTube account?

The site’s YouTube account is here, and its Twitter account is here. The Twitter account is mainly used for notifications of new posts.

How can I link to your website?

If you enjoyed reading something on this website and want to say thanks I’d very much appreciate a link.

Just paste the following HTML into your website or blog to link to the main site. There are also boxes on each post giving you the HTML to link directly to that post.


What software is this website using?

reviewmylife uses a self-hosted version of WordPress.

What plugins are installed?

A lot! At some point in the future I will do a proper post describing what plugins I use. Some of them include; All in One SEO Pack, Broken Link Checker, Ad Injection, Google Analytics for WordPress, Related Posts by Tags Widget, and WP Super Cache.

Who is hosting your website?

This site is hosted by IONOS on a Linux server.

What theme do you use?

I use a the HitMag theme.

How many visitors do you get?

I have previously published some graphs showing how many visitors I get (not that many) here, and here.


What other websites have you worked on?


Geo-content targeting service provided by MaxMind.

Affiliate statement

Where appropriate affiliate links are included to products and services that are mentioned in the post contents of this site. This site may earn commission from any sales generated as a result of purchases made via these links.

Affiliate programs used on the site include Amazon, eBay Partner Network and IONOS.

More information can be found on the privacy policy of this site.