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Japan parcel delivery box

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Some Japanese flats have parcel delivery boxes built into the front door so that parcels can be securely left for you without you having to be in the flat. This is a great idea that I hope becomes more popular.

japan delivery box

Like most people who’ve lived in London I’ve experienced bad service from postal delivery people, and a few times I’ve even written about them (here and here).

Here’s how the Japanese delivery box works. On the front door is a smaller door, locked with a combination lock. You can give the four digit combination to the delivery person. This could be a company, or even a friend who just needs to drop something off whilst you are gone.

japan delivery box combination lock

They can leave the item securely in the compartment. It is a very good sized, most things you might order such as CDs, DVD, electronic items, or food would easily fit in. You can easily fit a full sized desktop computer in here if you want an idea of the size.

japan delivery box open

And the compartment even slides back to make it even bigger for very big items.

japan parcel delivery box extending

No more missing deliveries while you are out, or having to travel ages to the parcel delivery depot!

Photos of damaged letter

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Once again the postal service have failed to deliver. Well – that’s not strictly true. They did deliver – but just look at what I got.

royal mail fail damaged letter front

How on earth did they manage to deliver a letter with this much damage? It is crumpled and ripped, with part of the envelope missing. There is a big hole in the envelope at the bottom left. And if you look at the letter from the back, you can see that the whole top of the letter is open.

royal mail fail damaged letter back

There is no way the sender would have posted a letter like that so I can only image that it was mangled in one of their sorting machines, or got ripped between the growing number of parcels that post men are having to deliver.

Here are some other postal service FAILs that I regularly encounter. You may be familiar this list yourself.

  • Post being lost and never arriving at my address.
  • Post for my address being delivered to another address (there may be a link between the first one and this one!).
  • Letters for other addresses being delivered to my address.
  • Items of post that clearly say ‘Do not bend’, being folded to make them fit through the letter box.
  • ’Sorry you were out’ cards being left without being properly filled in making it hard to collect the item at the depot.

When these kinds of problem happen so regularly it is no wonder that people are looking for ways to avoid using the post if it is not necessary.

If you post was damaged after being delivered by the Royal Mail, they have some information about the claims process for damaged post on their website.

Stopping junk post, annoying phone calls, and unwanted faxes

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

If you are in the UK and receive unsolicited post, phone calls or faxes there are several services you can sign up with to reduce these unwanted disturbances to your life.

There is the telephone preference service, the fax preference service, and the mailing preference service. There is also a baby mailing preference service if you receive baby related mailings. They are all free and run by the same people.

Telephone preference service website

I’d recommend signing up the telephone, fax, and mailing preference service. Sign up for the fax one even if you don’t have a fax – if you get silent calls, or calls where you hear beeps then it may be a fax machine calling you.

Since signing up several years ago the amount of junk mail and calls that I’ve received has dramatically reduced.

Free caller ID

If you get your telephone service from BT then you can sign up for free caller ID. You’ll need a phone which supports this feature. Just sign up to the free ‘BT Privacy at Home‘ service. Caller ID is usually £5.25/quarter so this gets you a premium service for free.