Japan parcel delivery box

Some Japanese flats have parcel delivery boxes built into the front door so that parcels can be securely left for you without you having to be in the flat. This is a great idea that I hope becomes more popular.

japan delivery box

Like most people who’ve lived in London I’ve experienced bad service from postal delivery people, and a few times I’ve even written about them (here and here).

Here’s how the Japanese delivery box works. On the front door is a smaller door, locked with a combination lock. You can give the four digit combination to the delivery person. This could be a company, or even a friend who just needs to drop something off whilst you are gone.

japan delivery box combination lock

They can leave the item securely in the compartment. It is a very good sized, most things you might order such as CDs, DVD, electronic items, or food would easily fit in. You can easily fit a full sized desktop computer in here if you want an idea of the size.

japan delivery box open

And the compartment even slides back to make it even bigger for very big items.

japan parcel delivery box extending

No more missing deliveries while you are out, or having to travel ages to the parcel delivery depot!

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  1. I’m afraid I have no idea – they just come as standard on many front doors in Japan.

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