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Upgrading Samsung N140 RAM to 2GB

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

The Samsung N140 netbook – as reviewed here, is a great machine – but it is much better if you upgrade the 1GB RAM that it ships with to 2GB. Here’s a quick guide, with photos, of how I upgraded the memory of mine.

First you’ll need to buy a 2GB RAM module – they aren’t expensive and you can buy them from computer shops or online. You need to be careful to make sure you get the right type. You’ll need a 2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800 MHz such as this

Make sure you back up any important work first in case it all goes wrong. If you manage to fry your original memory module and the new memory module then you won’t be able to boot up the N140!

Shut down computer fully – don’t hibernate or put it on standby otherwise it may get confused by the extra RAM when it wakes up.

Remove the battery.

Touch a radiator or other earthed object to get rid of any static charge that is in your body. If you have one then wear a static strap that is connected to an earthed object. Static is one of the big killers of RAM so be careful!

Remove the screw on the memory cover on the base of the N140. Then you’ll have to pull the cover off – I had to apply a bit of force to get it to open.

samsung n140 underneath memory

Pull the clips outwards and the old RAM should click up.

samsung n140 memory slot 2

Remove the old RAM.

Carefully insert the new RAM into the socket and make sure it clicks back down into place.

samsung n140 memory slot

Put the memory cover back on, re-insert the battery and turn on.

Hold your breath! Hopefully it works and you should see 2GB (or more probably 1.99GB) listed in the System Properties page. You can hold the Start key, Fn key and Pause/Brk to bring up the System Properties page. If it doesn’t then re-open the memory cover and make sure that the memory is correctly plugged in.

Keep the old memory safe – in case of emergency you can always plug the old memory back in.