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2008 – 2009 UK Tax Graphs
2008 Excel One Page Calendar
2009 One Page Excel Calendar
2009 – 2010 UK tax graphs
2010 One Page Excel Calendar
2010-2011 UK Tax graphs
2011 Excel week numbers calendar
2011 monthly calendar for Excel
2011 One Page Excel Calendar
2011 staff holiday planner
2012 – 2013 UK tax graphs for income tax and NI
2012 Excel week numbers calendar
2012 One Page Excel Calendar
2012 staff holiday planning spreadsheet
2013 one page Excel calendar
2013 Staff holiday planner spreadsheet
2014 and 2015 Excel staff holiday planner and one page Excel calendar
2016 and 2017 staff holiday Excel planner and one page Excel calendar
2018 and 2019 staff holiday Excel planner and one page Excel calendar
Ad Injection preview – WordPress ad management plugin
Ad Injection plugin for WordPress
Ad Logger ‘click logging’ plugin for WordPress
Adding ‘Related Posts’ to WordPress articles and 404 error pages
Adding a date/time stamp to a jpeg image in Java
Adding KML Google Maps overlays to WordPress posts
Adding source code into WordPress blog posting
Adding spacing round an iframe in WordPress
AddThis widget
AdSense Injection WordPress plugin tweaks
ADSL signal to noise ratio and line attenuation chart
Air France VLML vegetarian in flight meals
Alien registration in Japan
Amazon CloudFront and S3 maximum cost
Amiga nostalgia – Silica mail order catalogue
Are your website and blog earnings at risk?
Argos shoe rack
Atomic MIDlet game
Backup / restore of last modified and created file time attributes on Windows
Batch conversion of historical foreign currency values into a native currency
Batch processing photos with DOS and ImageMagick
Best Vegetarian restaurants in London
boo hoo – 5 million, 18 months… a story from concept to catastrophe
Bowling in Japan at Round 1
Buying a SoftBank prepaid phone
C# – How to make a window stay on top and become transparent
Can you walk across Tokyo in a day?
Certified copies of documents for £7
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo
Claiming your WordPress blog in Bloglines
Cleaning kettle limescale with vinegar
Clothes moths attack!
Compressing HTML and PHP files on 1and1
Compression Of Cast Iron Experiment
Converting file extensions to lower case
Conveyor belt sushi in Japan
Costs of surgical procedures and operations
Custom error pages on 1and1 when HTML files are set as PHP types
Dance classes in London at Pineapple and Danceworks
Debit card delivery problems
Digital TV in Japan and setting up the digibox
Dijkstra’s Algorithm code in C++
Door trimming saw
DOS: Get the directory name from a file path
Driving around Ishigaki
Effects Of Varying Environmental Conditions On The Rate Of Transpiration In Leafy Shoots
Estimate the value of your house or flat with a graph
Extending a leasehold, Section 42 and the LVT
Extrusion of plastic investigation
Factors Affecting The Rate Of Photosynthesis
Filling in the Inland Revenue self assessment online tax form
Find out the cost of calling any telephone number
Finding the best WiFi channel with Vistumbler
Finnair vegetarian VLML in flight meals
Fish eating my feet (photos and video)!
Fitting an ADSL faceplate to your BT line box
Fixes for YouTube annoyances
Fixing squeaking floorboards
Free Japanese OCR translation
Free udon queue in Takamatsu!
Friend Quotes – My first Facebook ‘app’
FTP uploading a directory of files using perl
Getting a Japanese driving licence
GlobalSat DG-100 vs Nokia LD-3W GPS module review
Graphing the AXA Sun Life 50 Plus Protector
Graphing the AXA Sun Life Guaranteed Over 50 Plan
Graphing the Post Office Over 50’s Life Cover plan
Hanabi World Cup 2010 – fireworks competition
Hidden field spam trap for PHPFormMail
High speed M&M sorting machine
Hiring a car in Japan
HMS Belfast visit in London
How I stay safe from viruses and spyware for free
How many photos will fit on my memory card?
How The Population Of Yeast Changes Over A Number Of Days
How to be a vegetarian in Japan
How to edit PDF files for free
How to find a Leopalace flat in Japan
How to get an ordinary power of attorney
How to get rid of clothes moths!
How to point 1and1 domain to HostGator hosting
How to recover accidentally deleted files
How to test your website in ie6
Huis Ten Bosch theme park Nagasaki
i-gotU GT-600 GPS data logger review
Ikea assembly service
Improved KML embedding of Google Maps into web pages
Include a different advert in each WordPress post depending on category
Incomplete banknote from cash machine
Installing Japanese WiFi router to share internet connection
Installing Nokia Maps on a Nokia N80
Internet doomsday scenarios
Investigation Into The Blowfly Larvae’s Response To Light
iPhone apps for learning Japanese
iPod dissection
Is it possible to get removed from this junk post list?
Japan parcel delivery box
Japan re-entry permits and embarkation / disembarkation cards
Japan vending machine photos
Japan visa change of status and extension
Japan visa FAQ
Japanese survival phrases and Japan survival information
Java Reverse Engineering Tool – Source Code To UML
Joining photos together with ImageMagick
Kagoshima, Japan
Knee pain, physio, MRI scans and lateral release surgery
Kochi, Japan – a short visit
Kotohira Shrine, Shikoku
Linking photos to locations
Lipoma and cyst removal surgery
MacBook Pro 13 inch – what’s in the box?
Managing holiday money with an Excel burn down chart
McGaijin Software interview – Learn Hiragana Now!
Megijima Island Takamatsu
Monthly Excel planner
Mure Gempei Stone Lantern Road in Takamatsu
My two months journey to get £10 Oyster refund
Nagasaki Spirit Boat procession
Naha Kagoshima Ferry
Naha, Okinawa
NatAmi ‘Native Amiga’ interview
nbClipboard – a clipboard extender
NHS vs private physiotherapy – and BUPA vs Cigna
Nokia phones automatically tagging photos with cell ID
Non–blocking Facebook and Twitter buttons
Notes on upgrading to WordPress 3.0 on 1and1
Overheating noisy laptop problem
Panmunjom, DMZ and seeing the North Korean border
Paying utility (gas, electricity, water) bills in Japan
Phoload interview
Photos of damaged letter
PhotoStamper utility with Java source
Picking the 5th from last element in a singly linked list
Playing with Amazon’s aStore
Plum blossoms in Ritsurin Park
Present and gift logging spreadsheet
Prince Hotels at Shinagawa and Shinjuku in Tokyo
ProGuard Eclipse Ant build.xml
Proof that Alexa rankings can be very inaccurate for small websites
Protective sleeve for MacBook Pro 13 inch
Puncture repair in Japan
Quick Claiming your blog on Technorati without giving up your password
QuickSort Implementation Code in C++
Rainbow Carpets on Westbourne Grove
Redirect all but selected sub-directories using .htaccess rules
Removing carpet grippers from floor boards
Renaming table prefix on WordPress 2.9
Reverse a linked list – C++ source code
Reverse the words in a sentence – C++ solution and test code
Riding on Tokyo’s Toden Arakawa tram line
Ritsurin Gardens Light Up in Takamatsu
Ritsurin Park in Takamatsu Japan
Roll on one click updating of WordPress plugins
Ryoanji Temple and Yudofuya Restaurant in Kyoto
Sakurajima Volcano Kagoshima
Salary vs Dividend graphs for a one man limited company
Samsung N140 netbook real world review
Script to produce iPhone app icons at different sizes
Select 100 random values from a stream / linked list
Self Assessment and clever PDFs
Send a single fax online
Sending a letter back home from Japan
Seto Inland Sea sunset photos
Setouchi International Art Festival – Done!
Setting up a WordPress blog on 1and1
Setup Trusteer Rapport to protect other websites
Shibamata summer fireworks in Tokyo
Shikoku-Mura open air museum at Yashima, Takamatsu
Shionoe Firefly Festival in Takamatsu
Solar Balls game for iOS
Sony Cyber-shot W80 digital camera review
Spanish Lottery Scam Letter
Speeding up a WordPress blog with caching
Splashing kitchen tap
Starting a group of programs from a DOS batch file
Staying in the Akihabara Washington Hotel, Tokyo
Stopping junk post, annoying phone calls, and unwanted faxes
Stopping political junk mail
Surface Area / Volume Ratio Biology Experiment
Takamatsu Airport
Takamatsu Christmas ‘Dream Illumination’
Takamatsu Japan, what to do there
Teaching English in Japan FAQ
Telephone call log spreadsheet
Telephone log for dealing with recruitment agencies
The Effect Of Substrate Concentration On The Activity Of The Enzyme Catalase
The Exorcist Film Review
The Truman Show – Film Review
Thomas Exchange Global in London
Thomas Exchange Global Victoria Street
Thomas Exchange UK Maddox Street
Three hotels on Okinawa (Naha and Ishigaki)
Three point estimation spreadsheet
Tips and advice for buying windows
Tips for upgrading to WordPress 2.9 on 1and1
Tokashiki Island Okinawa
Tokyo New Year’s Eve fireworks in Yokosuka
Toyoko Inn Kagoshima and Nagasaki
Triangle Identification – C++ solution and test code
Triple partitioning Mac with OSX and Windows 7
Trusteer Rapport for Mac
Trusteer Rapport password leakage problem
Upgrade WordPress to 2.8.1 on 1and1
Upgrading Samsung N140 RAM to 2GB
Using a common form mail script for multiple websites
Vegetarian friendly restaurants in Takamatsu, Japan
Veggie ramen at Kagetsu
Viewing Mount Fuji
Virgin Trains standard vs 1st class
Visualising the Google PageRank scale
Web Social Stats for SEO
Weekly planner in Excel
What does one million pounds look like?
What I’ve learnt after 100 blog posts
Who are North Korea’s 13 Twitter friends?
Windows 7 Experience Index scores on MacBook Pro 13 inch from 2010
Windows 7 on a 2010 MacBook Pro 13 inch
Working holiday visa for Japan – how to get one
Wrist and arm pain when using a computer
Writing and releasing a free software tool in two weeks
Writing WordPress posts offline in Word with the help of VBA macros
Yashima Aquarium and temple
Zen Internet broadband cancellation

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