The Truman Show – Film Review

Starring: Jim Carrey
Cert: PG

On hearing about a new Jim Carrey movie the natural reaction is to avoid it at all costs. However after years of staring in mediocre comedy films he has finally got a part in a movie that is not only clever but very enjoyable to watch.

The Truman Show

Carrey plays Truman Burbank; an ordinary individual who to his great misfortune has had his entire life made into the world’s biggest TV show. At a very young age he watched his father drown which conveniently gave Truman a fear of water. This allowed the show’s creator Christof (Ed Harris) to maroon him on a huge Ireland which is the world’s largest TV set. Christof carefully controls all aspects of life, from the weather to the people that Truman meets.

Truman begins to realise that all is not as it seems when a simple movie-light falls down from the sky. When he decides to break his normal routine the perfectly choreographed world around him starts to fall apart.

This film demonstrates how the press can go too far in the name of entertainment. Truman was thrust into the public view 24 hours a day without the knowledge that he was being watched or without having any chance of leading a normal life.

This without a doubt the most original film of the year and should be up there on your "must see" list.

Rating: 4/5

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