Atomic MIDlet game


Atomic is board (but not boring) game where the idea is to take over the game board. You can do this by placing atoms into empty squares or onto square that you already control. If a square reaches its atomic capacity then it will explode causing the atoms to fly into the neighbouring squares. If any of your opponents atoms are in the neighbouring then they will become your atoms.

Any time a square reaches its atomic capacity it will explode. This can cause long chain reactions that can have a dramatic effect on the state of play.


Atomic Download (43kb)

The Atomic game is available to download from the above link.


Use Up, Down, Left & Right to move the current square position. Fire places an atom.


This game is best played against human oponents. Up to four people can play. However you can play against the computer as well. From the options screen just choose how many humans and computers you want in the game. If you are playing against the computer then you can set the computer's intelligence level.

Technical Guff

Atomic is a MIDlet (similar to a Java Applet but for mobile phones). It can be played on MIDP compatable devices or emulators. This has been tested on Sun's Reference Implementation (available with the Sun Wireless Toolkit) and with the MIDP add-on for the Nokia 9210. This is a colour game with lots of images so you ideally need a fairly powerful colour phone.


1.0.1 13/04/02
Thread logic is hopefully slighly better. There should be less chance of deadlocking the game.
A 'Shaky Balls' option has been added
Clearer indication of whose turn it is
Larger board

1.0.0 04/03/02
Base version of the game.


Atomic is based on an Amiga game called Atoms by Tom Kuhn. This version is very similar to the original but with the addition of computer players.

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