2013 one page Excel calendar

I’ve started getting requests for a 2013 version of my one page Excel calendar, so here it is! If you want the previous 2012 one page Excel calendar click on the link.

2013 staff holiday calendar

As always you get the whole year in a very simple one page Excel spreadsheet. There are two versions. One is plain, the other has the UK bank holidays marked.

2013 one page Excel calendar – blank
2013 one page Excel calendar – with UK bank holidays

You should be able to load the XLS using any version of Microsoft Excel from 97 onwards, or using the free OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

The one page Excel spreadsheet calendars are zipped up. If you OS won’t automatically open the zip files you can download the free 7-Zip to unzip them for you.

17 Comments on “2013 one page Excel calendar”

  1. Thank you for the excellent staff leave planner again – makes my life so much easier in our small company.

  2. Great sheet, thanks. Now i’m playing, Do you know how to add together the same data from all date cells into a particular cell. eg
    any date showing an H, total up all H,s and add the total into say T57?

  3. Hi, Love this simple Excel planning tool. But… May we have a 2014 planner, please? And 2015…!! Am doing lots of planning for the next year and beyond and would really appreciate it!
    Thanks so much for making life easier!

  4. So useful. Have been using every year since 2010. I know it’s only May, but when do you think 2014 will be out?!

    Many many thanks for creating a really valuable tool!

  5. Love the year calendar. I’ve used it for planning projects, absences, major events. A great layout! Thanks very much. You should make a donnations button.

  6. eagerly waiting for 2014. Using your tool since 2012, its awesome for a quick overview!

  7. Hello,
    Just wondering when you will be making the 2014 Excel holiday planner available? I have been using this for three years now and it is brilliant!

  8. Your UK holidays excel one page planner is invaluable. I have used it for many years and it is the most important document on my laptop. Could we please have the 2014 version.
    Many thanks,

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