Telephone log for dealing with recruitment agencies

If you are looking for a new job you might upload your CV to somewhere like Jobsite or PlanetRecruit. Sites like these allow recruitment agencies to find your CV directly and contact you if they have a suitable job. If you are lucky and have in-demand skills you may start getting loads of calls. It is important that you have a system for keeping track of who is calling you and what jobs they are putting you forward for.

I’ve made a simple telephone log which you can use to keep track of your recruitment agencies phone calls.

Recruitment agency call log – doc format – 13kb

Recuitment agency call log

There are 6 call tables per A4 sheet of paper and I’ve added the tables for 10 pages. You can easily copy and paste the tables to make it as long as you like. The tables auto-number themselves. One way of using the doc is to print out a few pages to start with and then print out further pages later. e.g. Start by printing out pages 1 and 2. When these are nearly full print out pages 3 and 4. This will keep the call table numbers in sequence.

I use the CV column to note whether my CV has been sent to the company and the extra boxes along the top to note the date / times of any follow up calls.

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