Friend Quotes – My first Facebook ‘app’

A few weeks ago I finished my first Facebook ‘app’… Well, ‘app’ is too grand a word. All it does it display a random selection of your friend’s quotes on your Facebook profile page.

I wrote it just to see how easy it was to make a very simple Facebook extension. As it turns out it was very easy. Everything you need is on their official website – You’ll need to download their PHP library and put it on your web server.

My ‘app’ displays four randomly selected quotes from your friends (if you have any that is) on your profile.

One thing that I found important is to test the app using accounts other than your own. You are not allowed to create multiple standard accounts on Facebook. However you can create test accounts. To do this you create a standard account and then quickly convert into a test account. Full instruction for how to convert accounts into test accounts are here. Just be careful not to turn your main account into a test account!

To install the app to your profile go to the Facebook Friend Quotes page.

Update February 2011: Friend Quotes will no longer work as the profile.setFBML way of adding content to a Facebook profile has been deprecated.

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