2010 One Page Excel Calendar

We’re well into 2009 so to follow on from my 2009 Excel one page calendar it seems time to put up the yearly calendar for 2010.

2010 Excel one page calendar

As before I’ve done a blank calendar with just the days / months marked out, and a calendar with the 2010 UK bank holidays highlighted.

2010 Excel calendar – blank (7kb)
2010 Excel calendar – with UK Bank Holidays highlighted (7kb)

Like before you should be able to get it to fit on your computer screen without any scrolling – you may need to adjust the box sizes, or zoom level depending on the resolution of your monitor.

For anyone who is planning well ahead I have now added my 2011 one page excel calendar to this site.

12 Comments on “2010 One Page Excel Calendar”

  1. Wow, exactly what I was looking for. Trying to work out kids annual leave with my own the usual way was killing me! Thanks soooo much.

  2. I am using the 2009 calendar and cannot believe I am looking at the 2010 version already. Where did this year disappear to? Anyone have an answer :) Excellent format, easy to use and adapt. Thanks for taking the time out to create it sharing.

  3. I found the 2009 version early in ’09 – it stood out amongst many others I found on the internet as suitable for my needs and easy to make modifications – I have various colour coded days on mine. As a busy dad with complicated commitments and travel needs, it helps me set out family arrangements with great ease and transparency. Like everyone, my plans are subject to change and I keep the latest version posted up on my fridge at home for easy viewing. I’ve just downloaded the 2010 version – thanks very much!

  4. Hi!

    Thanks a bunch! Tremendously useful calendar!

    At least in the version without Bank Holidays though, the chart still says “2009” at the bottom.

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