2011 One Page Excel Calendar

2010 is still over a month away and yet I’ve already had several requests for a 2011 one page excel calendar. The format of my 2010 excel calendar seems to be a good one so I’m repeating it for the 2011 version.

2011 Excel one page calendar

As in previous years I’ve made a blank calendar with just the days / months marked out, and a calendar with the 2011 UK bank holidays highlighted.

2011 Excel calendar – blank (5kb)
2011 Excel calendar – with UK Bank Holidays highlighted (5kb)

Like before you should be able to get it to fit on your computer screen without any scrolling – you may need to adjust the box sizes, or zoom level depending on the resolution of your monitor.

12 Comments on “2011 One Page Excel Calendar”

  1. Hi, I have added some conditional formating and functions(lookups to your termlate and it is superb for tracking team/departmental leave etc…..


  2. Thank you for saving me from the muddle I got into last year trying to do my own – it took me ages and did not look very good either – so thanks again I will be back next year

  3. Thanks very much for your calendars….they are great, simple to use and excellent for long term planning and organising…I hope you’re doing 2012, 2013 etc

  4. What a great idea, I have just downloaded this and retweeted you. If you have any information you would like me to blog about with links back to your site, drop me an email. Happy New Year

  5. Okay, now to post this under the correct template.

    Exotic dancer of 10 years, in the states gives you a jumping high five. I was in the process of finding something that works better for keeping track of my books. A lot of stuff I have tried to find or come up with would just aggravate me. I have a tendency to make things way too complicated. Thank you for having a format out there that I feel I should be able to settle with.

    [Sorry about the wierd intro. I posted under the wrong one because I just spent several hours transferring my financial books to the above format and finished at 6:20 am. S’cuse the brain having been fried.]

    Have a great one and keep up the awesome work. PLEASE.

    :P :)

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