Filling in the Inland Revenue self assessment online tax form

Then you need to fill in the actual tax return. You fill in the details it asks you for. Along the way some validation is done, and it will alert you to obvious mistakes or boxes that are mandatory to fill in. How many boxes you have to fill in depends on what you selected in the ‘Tailor your return’ section.

07 4 fill in your return

If you have missed out any sections you’ll be reminded about it on the main screen. You won’t be able to make a final tax return submission until you have ticks next to all the sections.

08 4 fill in your return 2

Once you have finally filled in everything you need to (and it can take hours!) you are ready to check your return.

09 5 check your return

One of the benefits of doing your income tax return online is that it will do all the tax calculations for you, and you can look at the calculations to see if the figures look correct. If you owe tax then you’ll see how much you owe.

11 6 view your calculation

Before submitting you can save a HTML or PDF copy of your tax return, which you can keep on your computer or print out.

13 7 save your return

Then you are ready to submit. Tick the box to confirm that you believe all the information is correct, and submit.

14 8 submit your return

15 8 submitting your return

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2 Comments on “Filling in the Inland Revenue self assessment online tax form”

  1. A step by step guid to filling in the self assessment form on the HMRC website? Very nice – if only their own help files were this useful, fewer people would probably get into such a mess with their own tax returns.

  2. That is a very useful guide and having done a few online I still think it adds value.

    I have one very important tip. Do not leave it to the last day if you can avoid it becuse the website gets so busy you might not be able to log on.

    I think in previous years when this ahs happened the HMRC say its tough luck as you have had nearly 9 months to do it already.

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