Filling in the Inland Revenue self assessment online tax form

You’ll get a reference number to confirm that HMRC have received your form.

16 8 tax return submitted

Now if you go back to the start page you’ll no longer have the option to file your return, but you will still be able to view all the details that you have entered.

17 welcome back

If you have tax to pay you can do this online as well. Follow the links for making your payment using the HMRC BillPay service.

18 how to pay self assessment

With BillPay you can register for an account, but you don’t need to do this. You can pay directly using a debit card. Using a credit card might result in an extra charge from your credit card company, so a debit card is recommended.

19 pay now

To pay without registering you just enter your name, address, payment, and tax reference details.

20 pay now 2

Confirm your payment and a few seconds later…

21 pay now 3

It is all done! Your tax is paid. At least until next year!

22 pay now 4

Of course it might not be over. There is still a chance that the HMRC will come back to you with additional queries. But if you have entered all your details accurately you should be fine.

And any time you want, you can go back to the HMRC online self assessment site and check details of this year’s, and previous year’s tax returns.

23 tax years information

It does take a while to fill in all the details, even if your tax affairs aren’t that complicated, but it is easier than using the paper return. And because the validation, and calculations are automatically done, you are much more likely to fill it in correctly.

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2 Comments on “Filling in the Inland Revenue self assessment online tax form”

  1. A step by step guid to filling in the self assessment form on the HMRC website? Very nice – if only their own help files were this useful, fewer people would probably get into such a mess with their own tax returns.

  2. That is a very useful guide and having done a few online I still think it adds value.

    I have one very important tip. Do not leave it to the last day if you can avoid it becuse the website gets so busy you might not be able to log on.

    I think in previous years when this ahs happened the HMRC say its tough luck as you have had nearly 9 months to do it already.

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