Protective sleeve for MacBook Pro 13 inch

After buying a 2010 13 inch MacBook Pro, I wanted a protective sleeve to go with it. I bought this one from Amazon. It is a fairly basic one, cheaper than other versions. This is what it looks like with the MacBook inside.

macbook sleeve

If you read the reviews on Amazon you’ll see that someone has commented on the plastic smell. It does certainly smell, but not so bad that I had to leave it in a garage for a whole day as the Amazon reviewer did!

Here’s what it looks like open with the MacBook inside. You can see there are little straps that go over the corners of the MacBook. You might be able to see that the sleeve is fairly loose – it is not what I’d describe as a tight fit. The gap is probably about 1cm at the top.

macbook pro in sleeve

This is what it looks like open and empty.

macbook sleeve open

My verdict is that this is a perfectly adequate sleeve for the 13 inch MacBook Pro. It isn’t perfect – the size is slightly too big. But it is a lot cheaper than many other versions which might be a more perfect fit.

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