Japan vending machine photos

Japan is full of vending machines. There are everywhere from city centres, to deserted alleys. Anywhere where there is a power supply can be home to a vending machine. Here is a collection of photos of vending machines that I have taken, they are mostly taken around Takamatsu in Kagawa, on Shikoku Island.

japan vending machine 07

Although there are vending machines that dispense all kinds of weird stuff, most of them just dispense drinks. On the machine above the blue buttons dispense cold drinks, and the red buttons dispense hot drinks. Yes the photo is a grumpy looking Tommy Lee Jones, whose photo was all over these machines during 2009 and the first half of 2010.

Often you’ll get big rows of these machines all together.

japan vending machine 10

And sometimes the vending machines will be all alone.

japan vending machine 09

Here are two Coke machines side by side. One serving cans, and the other bottles.

japan vending machine 08

The one on the below right is specific to Takamatsu. You can use your Kotoden Iruca travel card to buy the drinks.

japan vending machine 05

Anywhere there is a small piece of space you can find a vending machine. Below they’ve used a bit of spare ground next to a single car parking space. And on the right, they’ve fitted one between two pillars.

japan vending machine 04

On the right is a vending machine that dispenses beer. And on the left is one that dispenses a glass – just in case you don’t want to drink straight from the can!

japan vending machine 02

Here are some cigarette vending machines.

japan vending machine 01

This is a photo of a vending machine taken from above, on a bridge.

japan vending machine 06

Next to almost all vending machines you’ll find a bin for your used can or bottle.

japan vending machine 12

Here is a slim line machine, which fits next to the shop window.

japan vending machine 13

If the restaurant runs of our drinks – no problem you can get one from the machine just outside the door.

japan vending machine 14

And here is the final one, a classic red Coca Cola vending machine in Japan.

japan vending machine 16

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