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Web Social Stats for SEO is an iPad app I’ve written which may be useful if you run a website. It allows you to quickly see how many Twitter Tweets, Facebook Likes, and Google +1s your own pages (or your competitor’s pages) are getting.

You can add pages by clicking the ‘+’ button and typing in the full web address, or by browsing to the pages you want and then adding them.

You can either add the original URL that you typed in, or you can add the URL which is currently shown on screen.

web social stats seo iphone app 1

Retults are shown in a table with one social service per column. The columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

The results are stored so you can view them offline.

web social stats seo iphone app 2

There is a second experimental way of adding URLs. You can pass in the address of a small sitemap.xml (up to 50 URLs) and the results for each URL will be retrieved. If there are more than 50 URLs in the sitemap.xml any additional URLs will be ignored.

I may increase the number of URLs that can be downloaded from the social services using a sitemap.xml in future released. Perhaps up to 100 in the next one.

Update: This app is not currently available on the App Store.

Technical Details

In case you like knowing these things…

I’m using operation queues to download the data in the background. The social stats are parsed using the JSONKit API. Results are stored in a SQLite database accessed using the FMDB wrapper.

4 Comments on “Web Social Stats for SEO”

  1. Nice! What would be even better is if I could find out where the traffic is coming from, location, search engine, ad campaign etc.

  2. Hello,

    I haven’t used your Social Stats plugin just yet but, your Ad Injection plugin is very, very good. Excellent work, keep it up.

    Jim E. Novak

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