2014 and 2015 Excel staff holiday planner and one page Excel calendar

I’ve been getting loads of requests for the 2014 versions of my staff holiday planning spreadsheet, and the one page Excel calendar. I thought it was about time I created them. And for good measure I did the 2015 version as well.

Staff holiday planner

First up here are my latest free spreadsheet that can help you track staff holidays, training, sick days and offsite days.

2014 excel staff holiday planner

They come configured with formulas that can automatically track the total number of holiday days remaining (columns C&D) for each employee. If you don’t want to use this simply delete those columns.

The default formula subtracts 1 or 0.5 from the remaining holiday if the employee cells contain the words ‘holiday’ or ‘half. You can copy and paste (ctrl-c, ctrl-v) the coloured tags (holiday, half, training, etc) from the top left into the staff planning cells and the totals are automatically updated.
It is easy to customise the formulas if you want to factor in sick days for example. See the 2012 planner for more example formulas. Note that the 2014/2015 calendar formulas count the entire row (which includes the last bit of the year before and the first bit of the year after), whereas the 2012 calendar formulas just count the 2012 year. You can adjust the formulas to suit your requirements.

As always the week numbers are based on ISO 8601, and the top and left parts of the staff planner are frozen so you can always see them – this makes navigation easy. Here is the download link:

Download 2014 staff holiday planner spreadsheet – 21kb
Download 2015 staff holiday planner spreadsheet – 21kb

As the staff holiday planner has over 365 columns you won’t see the whole year if you open it with an old spreadsheet package such as Excel 97. You’ll need to use a more modern spreadsheet package such as Excel 2007 or OpenOffice (which is free). One workaround if you are forced to use Excel 97 at work is for you to use OpenOffice at home to split the spreadsheet into 2, one part for H1, and one for H2.

One page Excel calendar

As always you get the whole year in a very simple one page Excel spreadsheet.

2014 one page excel calendar
You should be able to load the XLS using any version of Microsoft Excel from 97 onwards, or using the free OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

2014 one page Excel calendar – 13kb
2015 one page Excel calendar – 13kb

The one page Excel spreadsheet calendars and the staff holiday planners are zipped up. If your OS won’t automatically open the zip files you can download the free 7-Zip to unzip them for you.

The 2016 versions of these spreadsheets are here: https://www.reviewmylife.co.uk/blog/2015/08/30/2016-and-2017-staff-holiday-excel-planner-and-one-page-excel-calendar/.

30 Comments on “2014 and 2015 Excel staff holiday planner and one page Excel calendar”

  1. I love you man. Thanks a lot. Atleast someone still does something for the poor on the internet.

  2. Thanks for the 2015 calendar. I’ve been using the 2014 one and has completely helped me be organised. I haven’t missed one deadline. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the 2015 Calendar! And thanks for all other interesting stuff on your blog! I came from the M&Ms sorting device! Just great.

  4. What a great calendar. The 2014 staff holiday planner was so helpful sorting out the holidays last year but I didn’t find it until November. The 2015 planner is already set up and it will be great to have it all year in 2015!

  5. Thanks for the Calendar it is so helpful.. Just would like to know if you have 2016 available!!

  6. Fabulous tool; we do vacation planning for period April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016.

    When would your 2016 be available?

    Thanks again,

  7. I modified it a bit like when you type holiday on a cell it change the color of that cell. Cool.

    Thanks again for the spreadsheet.

  8. Hi – thanks so much for the planner – really useful.

    I dont suppose the 2016 and 2017 ones are on their way soon? My boss wants to have 2 years in advance…


  9. Fab spreadsheet, can this be duplicated for 2016 and onwards, in an easy way? Or would I need to return to your site to obtain the new SS ?

  10. 2015 spreadsheet has been a great help tracking staff !Any chance you can start work on a 2016 staff planner ?


  11. Excellent spread sheet! Would be really really helpful if the year 2016 was available.

  12. Amazing Holiday Planner. We have used it since 2012.
    Looks great and easy to use.
    Do hope you will be doing 2016 and so on……
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Hello – Brilliant Spreadheet – just what I needed and no need to reinvent the wheel!
    Just a query regarding the automatic update – which doesn’t automatically update when I cut and paste ‘Holiday’ or ‘Half’ into the chart.
    However – I could get it to update when I went to ‘Calculate Now’ command – then found I needed to tick the ‘Automatic’ command under ‘Calculation Options’.
    And it all works fine.
    Thanks very much – will you be doing the 2016 version shortly?

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