Quick Claiming your blog on Technorati without giving up your password

Today I had a go at claiming my blogs on Technorati. Claiming your blog gives you a bit more control over how your blog appears on the Technorati site. You can edit the blog description, add a user image and add tags.

In order to claim your blog you must prove that you own it. There are two ways to do this; Quick Claim or Post Claim. Post Claim involves writing a new post with a visible tag in it. I didn’t really fancy doing this. The other method is Quick Claim. To Quick Claim you need to enter your blog username and password. Technorati will then log into your blog to check that you are the owner. This option sounded like less hassle but I didn’t want to give them my real password. They say that they don’t store it but I think it is best not to take any chances.

technorati blog claim

What I decided to do was to create a new temporary user for the purposes of claiming my blog. After it was claimed I could delete it. Here’s how to do it using a self hosted WordPress blog. Something similar will probably work for other blog software.

In your WordPress control panel go to Users->Authors & Users. Then add a new user. Use a different password to your usual one. You’ll need to give your new user the Administrator role. I tried with the other roles but Technorati won’t accept anything less than an Admin account.

wordpress add new user

I then went back to the Technorati website entered my temporary admin user details and it worked!

technorati blog claim

Once your blog is claimed remember to delete your temporary user – but take care – don’t accidently delete yourself my mistake!

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