Hanabi World Cup 2010 – fireworks competition

On the 14th August 2010 I was visiting Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki prefecture. As luck would have it this was the day that Japan’s entry into the Hanabi World Cup 2010 fireworks competition was being performed. It cost ¥500 for the ticket. Here are my photos and a five minute video of the event.

hanabi world cup 2010 09

After the warm up fireworks display Japan’s entry into the competition began. The backdrop was a Kanko Maru Edo-Era sailing ship lit up with red lights.

hanabi world cup 2010 01

The fireworks were choreographed with the Eastern sounding music as well as a bit of rock. Watch the video at the end of this post to hear the music.

hanabi world cup 2010 02

The beginning of the display was more subtle than a ‘fire everything into the sky at once’ display that you might get on bonfire night.

hanabi world cup 2010 03

hanabi world cup 2010 04

The title of this display is Hanabi ぜよ.

hanabi world cup 2010 05

Also in the competition are China, Portugal, the U.S.A. and France.

hanabi world cup 2010 06

hanabi world cup 2010 07

Hanabi is the Japanese word for fireworks. It translates as ‘flower fire’. This is the kanji for Hanabi: 花火. The first one ‘hana’ means flower 花, and the second one ‘bi’ means fire 火. If you look at the flower one you could imagine that it is a picture of some hanging flowers. And the second one looks a bit like a man flapping his arms around because he is on fire. Thinking of what the kanji look like makes them easier to remember.

hanabi world cup 2010 08

Being a fireworks display in Japan everyone was very polite, and sat on the floor in rows. The spectators clapped and gasped at regular intervals, and there was lots of photo and video taking as well.

hanabi world cup 2010 10

hanabi world cup 2010 12

The finale was a massive ‘shoot as many fireworks into the sky at once’ ending. Always guaranteed to please the crowd.

hanabi world cup 2010 11

hanabi world cup 2010 13

Hanabi World Cup 2010 video

You can watch this in up to 480p if you change the settings on the embedded video.

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