2011 Excel week numbers calendar

If you work in a company then you may find yourself dealing in week numbers rather than dates. E.g. the deadline for this project is week 38!

Here is a free downloadable Excel calendar for 2011 that has the days of the week across the top, and then the week numbers for the whole of 2011 down the side.

2011 week number calendar

Each day has five boxes for you to write in, and the days of the week are frozen at the top, making it easy to see which box is for which day.

I’ve saved two versions. One standard version for modern versions of Excel (2007 and above), and an older version which should work in Excel 97.

2011 Excel week number calendar (for modern versions of Excel – 2007+)
2011 Excel week number calendar (for old versions of Excel – 97+)

If you prefer a month by month view of the year then I also have a one page 2011 Excel calendar on this site available for free download as well as a calendar for 2010.

5 Comments on “2011 Excel week numbers calendar”

  1. I have a one page vertical 2010 calendar in Word that shows the work week, then the days of the week, then the month. Months are color coded. do you have a way to import it into Excel and then ‘convert’ it into 2011? I still have not gotten around to creating a 2011 version of it.

    Thanks for your great work!

    William Halverson

  2. Thank you for such a useful tool. I am mum with a 4 year old at pre-school and am currently on the committee. Been really helpful and costing nothing has been a big bonus, thanks again

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