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2012 staff holiday planning spreadsheet

Monday, April 11th, 2011

This staff holiday planning spreadsheet is a 2012 updated version of my 2011 staff holiday planner. This time the formulas for calculating the remaining holiday are in the default sheet – if you don’t need them you can just delete the columns.

2012 staff holiday planner xls

As before the calendar planner shows the whole year left to right, with employee name down the side. As there are 365+ columns (for the days) you’ll need a spreadsheet package like Microsoft Office 2007 or OpenOffice to view the whole year. If you try to view it with a very old package like Microsoft Office 97 the year will get truncated after 256 columns.

Week numbers are listed according to ISO 8601. The top and side areas are frozen to make navigation easier, and there are some pre-prepared categories at the top left that you can copy and paste to the relevant cells (Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v are the shortcuts). Filtering for role and staff member name is set up as well.

Download 2012 staff holiday planner – XLS 22kb

The total number of holidays for the staff member can be entered into column C, and then column D automatically shows how many holiday days are left. You can replace the formula in column D if you want behaviour different to the default.

Count full day holidays and half day holidays

This is the default formula for cell D6 which counts whole and half holiday days.


Count holidays only

If you want to use this formula paste into cell D6 and then copy down.


Count holidays plus sick days


Count holidays plus sick days (with new ‘Half’ holiday value which subtracts 0.5 days)


OpenOffice Err:508

If you are using OpenOffice then you need to convert the commas in the above formulas to semi-colons. e.g. =C6-(COUNTIF(G6:NG6,”=Holiday”)) would change to =C6-(COUNTIF(G6:NG6;”=Holiday”)). Formulas that are in the default spreadsheet will work, this just applies to newly added formulas.

Three point estimation spreadsheet

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

If you are trying to make a three point estimation spreadsheet for Excel but are struggling with the formulas, then this free Excel download that I’ve made may help you.

three point estimation person spreadsheet

It has fields set up for entering data such as the task name, person responsible, and then the best, worst, and most likely estimates. You can also enter a contingency value as a letter. One of the spreadsheet tabs lets you set what percentage of contingency applies for each letter.

three point estimation contingency

If you like your estimates to be based on the most likely plus the contingency, you’ll see this automatically calculated for you in the first yellow columns (you may have to copy the formulas down as far as you need them).

If you prefer your estimate to be based on E/SD/Confidence values you’ll find them to the right of the sheet. Also available are the average and standard deviation (of the best/worst/most likely). The second yellow column is the 98% confidence plus contingency value.

three point estimation confidence values

Finally if you want to see a quick summary of how much work is allocated to each person there is a tab which gives you this information.

three point estimation person view

This spreadsheet is by no means ready for immediate use, you’ll probably want to customise it, remove the columns that you don’t need, and verify that the formulas do what you want and are correct. But at least it may help you produce the three point estimation spreadsheet you want more quickly.

Download the three point estimation spreadsheet – Excel XLS (16kb zipped)

It has been tested on Microsoft Excel 2007 and is a free 16kb download.

2012 One Page Excel Calendar

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

At the time I write this 2010 is nearly over, which means that 2012 is just over a year away. If you are planning far in advance then you might appreciate this free downloadable 2012 one page Excel calendar. If 2012 is too far ahead then I have a 2011 one page excel calendar available for download as well.

2012 excel calendar

Just like in previous years this calendar features the whole year on a single page. It should fit on your computer screen, but you might need to adjust the zoom depending on your default settings.

There are two versions, one is plain, and the other has the UK bank holidays marked on it.

2012 one page Excel calendar – blank
2012 one page Excel calendar – with UK bank holidays marked

Both version of the calendar are free to download, and should work on Excel 97 and above, or on OpenOffice (which you can download for free).

2011 monthly calendar for Excel

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Here is a free monthly calendar for 2011. You can download it as a XLS spreadsheet for Excel, Open Office, or whatever spreadsheet application you use.

I’ve previously produced a one page calendar for 2011, but I had a request to produce a month by month version, with each month on a separate tab. Here is what September 2011 looks like.

2011 monthly calendar

And here is a zoomed in picture of the calendar months listed on the tab at the bottom.

2011 monthly calendar zoomed

It is a free download, and only 13kb zipped up, or 96kb uncompressed.

The days of the week are along the top in a frozen pane, and the weeks are along the side. I’ve put the week numbers in as well (ISO 8601 week numbers if these things matter to you).

Download the 2011 monthly calendar – Excel XLS (13kb zipped)

This calendar should be viewable on Excel 97 and above.

Ad Injection plugin for WordPress

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Ad Injection is a free WordPress plugin that injects any kind of advert (e.g. Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, TradeDoubler, etc) into the existing content of your WordPress posts and pages. You can control the number of adverts based on the post length, and it can restrict who sees adverts by post age, visitor referrer and IP address. Adverts can be configured in the post (random, top, and bottom positions) or in any widget/sidebar area. There's support for A:B split testing / ad rotation.

ad injection plugin for wordpress 1 450

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Download Ad Injection plugin for WordPress for free from this link. Or just search for Ad Injection from your WordPress install and WordPress will automatically install it for you.


Automatic advert injection

The ads can be injected into existing posts without requiring any modification of the post. The injection can be done randomly between paragraphs, and there is an option to always inject the first advert at a specified paragraph (e.g. the first or second). Randomly positioning the adverts helps to reduce 'ad blindness'. Two additional adverts can be defined for the top and bottom of the content. Widget adverts can be defined as well for your sidebars.

ad injection plugin for wordpress 3 450

Widget support

Widgets can be added to your sidebars, or other widget areas on any pages. The same ad display restrictions that you setup for your other ads will also apply to the widgets.

Ad rotation / split testing

You can define multiple adverts for the same ad space which are rotated according to the ratios you define. Works with random, top, bottom and sidget/sidebar ads.

Ad quantity by post length

The number of adverts can be set based on the length of the post. It is a good idea for longer posts to have more adverts than shorter posts for example. Adverts can also be turned off for very short posts.

ad injection plugin for wordpress 4 450

Ads on old posts only

Adverts can be restricted to posts that are more than a defined numbers of days old. This prevents your regular visitors from having to see your ads.

Category, tag and post type filters

You can configure the adverts to only appear on specific categories, tags, or post types, or block the adverts from specific categories, tags or post types.

Search engines only (dynamic feature)

You can specify that ads should only be shown to search engine visitors (or from any other referring websites) so that your regular visitors (who are unlikely to click your ads) get a better experience of your site. You can define which search engines or any other referring sites see your adverts. A visitor who enters the site by a search engine will see ads for the next hour.

Block ads from IP addresses (dynamic feature)

IP addresses of people who shouldn't see your ads can be defined. These could be the IP addresses of your friends, family, or even yourself.

ad injection plugin for wordpress 2 450

Not tied to any ad provider

The advert code can be copied and pasted directly from your ad provider (Google AdSense, adBrite, ClickBank, etc) which will help you to comply with any terms of service (TOS) that state their ad code may not be modified.

Flexible ad positioning

Easy positioning options are provided for left, right, center, float left, and float right. Extra spacing can be set above and below the ad. Or if that isn't flexible enough, you can write your own positioning code using HTML and CSS.

You can specify a specific paragraph for random ads to start from, or if you need per-post control of the random adverts you can insert tags into the post source to say where the adverts should start and end.

ad injection plugin for wordpress 5 450

Inject PHP and JavaScript

As the plugin will inject whatever content you like into the page you can write your own ad rotation or a/b split testing code for the ads you inject. PHP code can be automatically executed.

Full documentation is available on the WordPress Ad Injection page.

If you do get any errors please use the 'Report a bug or give feedback' link on the plugin to send me the error details.

2011 Excel week numbers calendar

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

If you work in a company then you may find yourself dealing in week numbers rather than dates. E.g. the deadline for this project is week 38!

Here is a free downloadable Excel calendar for 2011 that has the days of the week across the top, and then the week numbers for the whole of 2011 down the side.

2011 week number calendar

Each day has five boxes for you to write in, and the days of the week are frozen at the top, making it easy to see which box is for which day.

I’ve saved two versions. One standard version for modern versions of Excel (2007 and above), and an older version which should work in Excel 97.

2011 Excel week number calendar (for modern versions of Excel – 2007+)
2011 Excel week number calendar (for old versions of Excel – 97+)

If you prefer a month by month view of the year then I also have a one page 2011 Excel calendar on this site available for free download as well as a calendar for 2010.

nbClipboard – a clipboard extender

Sunday, October 19th, 2008


nbClipboard adds stack, queue and simple text transformations to the Windows clipboard when using the clipboard’s keyboard shortcuts.

As well as storing successive clipboard items in either a queue or a stack nbClipboard can perform search/replace operations on the clipboard data and can automatically convert the text to either upper or lower case.

This tool can be left running in the background or you can make the window stay on top or become transparent.

It is necessary to have the .NET framework version 3.0 installed for nbClipboard to work. Version 3.0 of the framework is pre-installed on Windows Vista and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website as an additional download for Windows XP.


You can download nbClipboard from this link: nbClipboard – installer download – (333kb)



nbClipboard is a simple tool that adds stack and queue support as well as basic text transformations to the Windows clipboard when using the clipboard’s keyboard shortcuts.

As well as storing successive clipboard items in either a queue or a stack nbClipboard can perform search/replace operations on the clipboard data, and can automatically convert the text to either upper or lower case.

This tool can be left running in the background or you can make the window stay on top or become transparent.

It is necessary to have the .NET framework version 3.0 installed for nbClipboard to work. Version 3.0 of the framework is pre-installed on Windows Vista and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website as an additional download for Windows XP.


To install double-click on the install executable and follow the instructions. nbClipboard requires version 3.0 or above of the .NET framework. This can be downloaded from Microsoft’s .NET Download page.


Launch nbClipboard from the Start menu.

When it is loaded you will be see the main configuration screen. From here you can turn the clipboard queue or stack on, and can set the text transformation settings.

If you want to work with non-text clipboard data (files, photo data etc.) you should close nbClipboard as nbClipboard will case problems with non-clipboard data.

Clipboard queue and stack

The clipboard queue and stack allow multiple items to be copied to the the clipboard and then pasted in order.

The queue will paste items in the same order they are copied.

Example: You copy the following items of text – ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘four’. When you paste them they are pasted in this order – ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘four’.

The stack will paste items in the reverse order to what they are copied. i.e. the last item to be copied to the clipboard will be the first item to be pasted.

Example: You copy the following items of text – ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘four’. When you paste them they are pasted in this order – ‘four’, ‘three’, ‘two’, ‘one’.


nbClipboard will only add text to the queue or stack when the copy and paste operations are performed using the keyboard shortcuts. It will not operate when copy and paste operations are caried out using the mouse.

Text transformations

To upper / lower case

Text which has been copied can automatically be converted into either upper or lower case.

Text replacements

You can do an automatic search / replace operation on any pasted text. You can choose to make the search case sensitive by ticking the ‘Match case’ box.


The text transformations will only be applied when the text is pasted using the keyboard paste shortcut. It will not work when text is pasted from a menu.

List of copy / paste keyboard shortcuts

Copy Ctrl-C Ctrl-Insert
Paste Ctrl-V Shift-Insert
Cut Ctrl-X Shift-Delete


nbClipboard currently only deals with plain text. Therefore whilst it is running any rich text items copied, or non-text items copied to the clipboard may lose their formatting.

Revision History

  • 1.1.0 – Fixed case-insensitive search and replace bug where only the first occurance would be replaced.
  • 1.0.0 – Initial version


Portions of nbClipboard are based on the Global System Hooks tutorial by Michael Kennedy.

Installer created using ISTool.

Table of contents generated with hypertoc.

If you are interested in the background of this tool you can read my Writing and releasing a free software tool in two weeks post.

Atomic MIDlet game

Friday, July 4th, 2008


Atomic is board (but not boring) game where the idea is to take over the game board. You can do this by placing atoms into empty squares or onto square that you already control. If a square reaches its atomic capacity then it will explode causing the atoms to fly into the neighbouring squares. If any of your opponents atoms are in the neighbouring then they will become your atoms.

Any time a square reaches its atomic capacity it will explode. This can cause long chain reactions that can have a dramatic effect on the state of play.


Atomic Download (43kb)

The Atomic game is available to download from the above link.


Use Up, Down, Left & Right to move the current square position. Fire places an atom.


This game is best played against human oponents. Up to four people can play. However you can play against the computer as well. From the options screen just choose how many humans and computers you want in the game. If you are playing against the computer then you can set the computer's intelligence level.

Technical Guff

Atomic is a MIDlet (similar to a Java Applet but for mobile phones). It can be played on MIDP compatable devices or emulators. This has been tested on Sun's Reference Implementation (available with the Sun Wireless Toolkit) and with the MIDP add-on for the Nokia 9210. This is a colour game with lots of images so you ideally need a fairly powerful colour phone.


1.0.1 13/04/02
Thread logic is hopefully slighly better. There should be less chance of deadlocking the game.
A 'Shaky Balls' option has been added
Clearer indication of whose turn it is
Larger board

1.0.0 04/03/02
Base version of the game.


Atomic is based on an Amiga game called Atoms by Tom Kuhn. This version is very similar to the original but with the addition of computer players.